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A Live baitwell is there to keep your bait in good condition, and the rods and reels are all top quality Daiwa, including Daiwa PLB 20, Daiwa PLB 50 and Team Daiwa 3050R Rods, with Daiwa SeaLine 30SH, and SHV40 reels on the lighter rods and SeaLine 300H, 400H, and 600H Reels for the heavy going. I always carry a comprehensive range of tackle, to suit most conditions.

The Rod table and Bait board is located centrally over the livewell, Please note, cutting bait on my white GRP gunwales is a walk-home offence!

A Vacuum packer is available to get your catch home in prime condition.

Species available (commonest)
Offshore : Mackerel, Pollock, Conger, Ling, Coalfish, Cod, Whiting, Haddock, Pouting, Wrasse, Blue Shark (up to 100 Lbs)

Inshore : Mackerel, Conger, Codling, Blonde and Thornback Ray, Pollock, Whiting, Coalfish, Gurnard, Plaice, Dabs, Scad.

As for bait, Mackerel (frozen or preferably fresh) will catch any fish Species available, but I can get ragworm, crab squid etc. if required, though I need some notice.


Shark fishing generally starts about mid-June, when the water temp is over 14 C, and there is a good supply of fresh mackerel, and continues up to about late-September. The main shark species caught regularly in these waters is the Blue Shark, which can reach weights of up to 150 Lbs, but more usually are between 50 and 100 Lbs.
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