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The “Aud” was originally a British ship, SS Castro, captured by a German Motor torpedo boat early in WW1, and re-named “SS Libau” and then disguised as the Norwegian (Neutral) ship “Aud Norge” registered in Bergen, Norway. It was the ship carrying 20,000 rifles (obsolete Russian weapons) 1,000,000 rounds of ammo, 10 Machine guns, and some explosives that was to accompany Roger Casement at Banna Strand in 1916. Captured by the Royal Navy and escorted to an anchorage off Cobh, the crew scuttled her, and surrendered.

RMS Lusitania (White Star Line) was sunk on the 7th of may 1915, with a single torpedo, off the Old Head Of Kinsale, by U24 (Skipper Kaptain-Leutnant Walther Schwieger) of the Imperial German Navy in May 1917, with the loss of 1195 lives including 123 US Citizens, which helped ensure the US entered the First World War on the side of Britain and France, rather than Germany. Lusitania was 40,000 tons and 785 feet long. You can clearly recognise features of the wrecked ship in the 3D image.”
“SS Arabic” was a White Star Line Liner sunk by U24 on the 20th August 1915, with the loss of 44 hands and 390 rescued.
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